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Cyber Essentials

A government backed scheme that will help you to protect your organisation against a range of the most common cyber attacks.

Cyber Essentials helps you to guard your organisation against cyber attacks.

Cyber Essentials is a UK Government backed scheme to help organisations of all sizes protect themselves against common cyber-attacks.

Cyber attacks come in many shapes and sizes, but the vast majority are very basic in nature, carried out by relatively unskilled individuals. They’re the digital equivalent of a thief trying your front door to see if it’s unlocked. Cyber Essentials is designed to prevent these attacks.

Cyber liability insurance.

When a UK-domiciled organisation with a turnover under £20m achieves certification covering their whole organisation to the basic level, you are entitled to Cyber Liability Insurance, terms apply. Whats covered?

Claims made against you arising out of media activities and privacy and security wrongful acts.

Costs of remedying the issue that allowed the loss or damage to your data and costs to replace, restore or update your data.

Loss of profit and / or operational expenses caused by a network compromise.

Costs, including emergency costs, following a data breach, including the costs of notifying data subjects. These might typically include payment for Legal, IT, Forensic & PR specialists.

Ransoms and other cyber extortion.

Defence costs & regulatory fines (where insurable by law).

Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials requires organisations to have several technical and procedural controls in place to improve their Information Security and Cyber Security.

It allows organisations to demonstrate that they have consistent and effective level of cyber security measures implemented, which provides a level of assurance and reassurance to clients and investors that they are safe to do business with.

Certification is often mandated within certain sectors as well as being a go-to standard for managing the security risks of supply chains.

Cyber Essentials Plus

Plus is the audited version of the accreditation. Cyber Essentials requires organisations to have several technical and procedural controls in place to improve their information security in order to mitigate common internet-borne cyber-attacks.

Plus is a series of tests that provide additional assurance that these technical controls have been successfully implemented and are working effectively.

Organisations are required to have successfully obtained the non audited standard before being eligible to apply for Cyber Essentials Plus.

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