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Phishing Simulation & Training

Calculate, reduce and monitor human cyber risk with the new-class of user-focused security using phishing simulation and training.

Transform employees into your first line of defence.

Calculate, reduce and monitor human cyber risk with the new-class of user-focused security. Why Human Risk Management (HRM)?

staff receiving phishing simulation and training

Security Awareness Training

Bite-sized video and interactive training courses that cover core infosec and compliance topics.

Simulated Phishing

Trackable simulated phishing campaigns with readily-made and custom templates.

Dark Web Monitoring

Dark web scanning that detects exposed user data that could be leveraged for a cyber attack.

Policy Management

Centralised pre-loaded policy library that simplifies and tracks employee signature approvals.

Human Risk Scoring

Company-wide human risk scoring that fuses all reporting metrics into one easy-to-digest tracker.

In-Depth Risk Analytics

Dig deep into human cyber risk with user performance profiles, trends and custom segments

We tackle human risk through a proven formula.

Calculate Risk

We'll shine a light on your organisation's current employee security posture and generate a free Human Risk Report (HRR) that outlines your Risk Score and a step-by-step action plan.

Reduce Risk

Your staff will be enrolled in our phishing simulation and training programme, with bite-sized training courses and periodic phishing simulations that strengthen their security behaviour.

Monitor Risk

Understand the impact of your HRM programme with regular summary reports that outline training performance, phishing results and your ongoing human risk score whilst staying compliant with ISO 27001.

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